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Summit Sight

Turkey is Asia’s foothold in Europe, a melting pot of cultures and a bridge between continents. Here the contemporary and the ancient, the cosmopolitan and the bucolic, the spiritual and the hedonistic come together to create a vibrant, diverse and exciting whole.
– Lonely Planet

Your Ararat Adventure

Welcome to Istanbul
Mediterranean Mountains

Surrounded by five seas and eight countries, Turkey sits at one of Earth’s most poignant crossroads. Cultures have crossed here, not just for centuries, but for millennium. Istanbul in western Turkey is split by the Bhosphorous Strait, which separates Europe and Asia. Mount Ararat is in far eastern Turkey in Asia near the Iranian border.
Welcome to Istanbul!

After your transfer from the airport, enjoy a welcome drink in an open air, rooftop restaurant with stunning views of both the Blue Mosque and the ancient Aya Sofya. At dusk, you can listen to Islam’s traditional call to prayer.
The Sea of Marmara.

Ships ply the Sea of Marmara en route from the Mediterranean Sea to the Black Sea, a journey that also passes through the Aegean Sea and the Bhosphorous Strait. In this shot, you can see the Sea of Marmara’s Princes’ Islands, which are a popular destination in the summer.
Sultanahmet Park

Bridging two continents, Istanbul is Asia’s foothold in Europe. The history-laden city has always held a swirl of cultures, and today embraces both the contemporary and the ancient. Sultanahmet Park is in the center of Istanbul’s old city. The park’s curvaceous ponds and walkways lie between the Blue Mosque, which you see in this photo, and the aged Aya Sofya.
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