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Touring near Dogubayazit
Travel to Anatolia

Dogubayazit is a three hour drive north from Van on the shores of Lake Van, Turkey’s largest lake. Mount Ararat is visible from Dogubayazit, and basecamp is only a one hour drive from town.
Welcome to Dogubayazit

Looking northwest from the Isfahan Hotel
You can also just see the Ishak Pasha Palace from the Isfahan Hotel. It’s on the slope below the skyline saddle right of center.
At dawn, you can get this view of Ararat from the top of the Isfahan Hotel

Visiting the Meteor Crater to the southeast of Ararat. From this open area, you get a nice view of both Ararat and Little Ararat.
Noah’s Ark National Park
This ark-shaped rock formation is on a hillside at 8,000 feet across the valley 30 miles to the southeast of Ararat. The site has been studied by many teams looking for evidence that it might be the fossilized remains of Noah’s Ark. Their interesting findings are that the formation is exactly 300 cubits long, which is the length of the ark as specified in the Bible. A cubit is the distance from elbow to longest fingertip, and is usually converted to 18 inches. Teams have also extracted petrified wood from inside the rock walls, carbon dated the samples and determined that they are 8,000 years old, which is the presumed date of the great flood. Also, nearby is a large, round rock with a hole in it that is presumed to be the Ark’s anchor stone. The government has found the evidence compelling enough to protect the site in a National Park, and indeed, many fervently believe that this site is the remains of Noah’s Ark. Whatever your belief, this is a fascinating place to visit.
The Ishak Pasha Palace

The dome from inside the first courtyard
Inside the Ishak Pasha Palace

Classic, but crumbling architecture
The palace is complete with its own mosque and minaret
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