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Summit Sight

Your Ararat Adventure

The hike to High Camp
Leaving Green Camp en route to High Camp

The hike from Green Camp to High Camp is shorter but steeper than the hike from the trailhead to Green Camp, and of course, the altitude is higher. The upper peak with its icecap is very foreshortened now.
Mules just below High Camp

The final pull up to High Camp is up a steep trail. The mules drop their loads at High Camp, then return to Green Camp for the night.
There are many tent platforms at High Camp, and once pitched, High Camp can be a cozy place. Arriving at mid day, we spend the afternoon resting, acclimating, and preparing for the morrow’s summit climb.
Jennifer is ready to go to the summit!

With chores complete, we can relax and enjoy the evening.
Pre climb sunset

We will retire right after sunset in anticipation of our pre-dawn start for the summit.
They only live who dare.
– Voltaire
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